Saturday, June 21, 2014

1296 MHz RF Amplifier using NEC70083

Here the Radio Frequency (RF) amplifier circuit design for frequency 1296 MHz.

By using an NEC70083, this 1296-MHz amplifier delivers about 17-dB gain and around 1- to 1.5-dB noise. It is assembled on a G-10 epoxy fiberglass PC board. Use the layout shown because this is very important for correct performance.

Monday, June 16, 2014

UHF Signal Amplifier for TV

This is the circuit diagram of UHF Signal Amplifier for television device. It uses single transistor 2SC3358 as the main signal amplifiication component.

Radio Frequency Modulator Circuit

This is a circuit design diagram of Radio Frequency (RF) Modulator. Due to the power MOSFETs offer high power gain at both audio and radio frequencies, they are will be also very useful in many areas of radio-circuit design. For BF applications, a MOSFET's large safe operating area, VDS vs ID, protects it against damage from reflected RF energy. As a modulator, a MOSFET's transfer linearity aids fidelity. In the suppressed-carrier modulator, an RF signal is applied to the primary of transformer T1, whose secondaries provide equal-amplitude, opposite-phase rf drive signals to output FETs Q1 and Q2.