Thursday, June 9, 2011

1 Watt 2.3GHz RF Amplifier Circuit

Below circuit diagram is an 1 Watt RF amplifier circuit for frequency 2.3GHz

1 Watt 2.3GHz RF Amplifier Circuit diagram

Simplicity and repeatibility are featured in this 1 Watt S-band amplifier circuit. The circuit used a common-base power transistor MRF2001, a class C amplifier. This RF amplifier delivers about 1 Watt power output with 8-dB minimum gain at 24V voltage supply. The frequency can be tuned from 2.25GHz to 2.35GHz

Complete explanation and how to build this 1 Watt RF Amplifier, go to this page.

About RF Amplifier
An RF power amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier which is utilised to convert a low-power radio-frequency signal into a larger signal of significant power, usually for driving the antenna of a transmitter. It is usually optimized to have high efficiency, high output Power (P1dB) compression, good gain, good return loss on the input and output, and optimum heat dissipation.

The basic applications of the RF power amplifier include driving to another high power source, driving a transmitting antenna, microwave heating, and exciting resonant cavity structures. Among these applications, driving transmitter antennas is most well known.
More explanation about power audio amplifier can be found at
This is a demonstration about 01A RF Amplifier which is build used old tube component to amplify the signal.

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